Best of Guide TV, Produced by The Time Group, Discovers the Inspiration Behind Dallas Artist, Shayema Rahim

Dallas, TX – July 15, 2019  Best of Guide TV, a TG Network show, introduced viewers to Shayema Rahim, a local Dallas artist. As viewers watch this riveting conversation between Best of Guide TV Host, Ron Hall, and Ms. Rahim, they will fall in love not only with Ms. Rahim’s story as an immigrant from Bangladesh but also her unique take on abstract expressionism. Click to Watch Episode


“I have a passion for art and I am continually trying and exploring different things,” commented Dallas Artist, Shayema Rahim. “I don’t know where I would be without art. It’s a kind of therapy.”


Ms. Rahim’s love for art originated from her mother, a Batik artist, whom she praises for teaching her the basic foundations of art. From embroidery to sketching, Ms. Rahim grew up around an artistic lifestyle and even attended art school. Now, incorporating the medium of encaustic and bright colors into her paintings, Ms. Rahim is compared to renowned artist, Helen Frankenthaler, one of Ms. Rahim’s many inspirations. Ms. Rahim has taken tragedy in her own life and uses it as inspiration to help others by regularly volunteering with organizations, such as Family Place, in order to advocate for battered women. Currently, some of Ms. Rahim’s art pieces are being showcased at CINQ Art Gallery on Dragon Street. Click for Photos


“When I first saw her work, it reminded me of some of my favorite artists including William De Kooning and Clyfford Still,” admired Best of Guide TV Host, Ron Hall. “I love her spin on abstract expressionism; she takes the complexity out of painting and makes it simple by using color.”


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