Best of Guide TV, Produced by The Time Group, Introduces Viewers to Organic Tequila Creators

Dallas, TX – June 3, 2019 Best of Guide TV, a TG Network show, continues to thrill viewers with an incredible line up of episodes including the latest release featuring Tequila Sheela. Host Jordi Bostock sat down with Sheela Marshall, Tequila Sheela Co-Owner and Creator, to learn about her heartwarming journey to becoming the premier organic tequila provider. Viewers will learn of her passion to create clean, pure tequila that goes down smooth. Click for Photos


“Viewers will quickly become endeared to Sheela as she shares her story of overcoming cancer and how her friendship with Co-Owner Natalie Merrich allowed them to rise to the top of this competitive, male dominated industry,” stated Jordi Bostock, Best of Guide TV Host.


Winning the double gold prize in the 2016 San Francisco Spirits competition propelled Tequila Sheela to one of the most sought after tequila brands. Viewers will learn about that the purity of the tequila comes from cultivating the best blue agave with no chemicals, sugars or coloring. Offering three choices – Sheela’s Blanco, Reposado and Anejo — Tequila Sheela is available for purchase at Total Wine & More and Goody Goody retail locations. Tequila Sheela is also the house tequila at Texas Live. Watch Full Episode


Produced by The Time Group, a Dallas based marketing firm, Best of Guide TV presents viewers with the leading entertainment, dining and lifestyle options in Dallas. “It is so exciting to share the story behind the business. So many of our guests have not only an incredible product but also stories of overcoming and success,” commented Tammany Stern, Owner of BestofGuide®.com. “Episodes can be viewed at We are interested in showcasing local Dallas businesses and invite you to contact us if you’d like to be featured on Best of Guide TV.”


All episodes will be streamed on all social media platforms including digital publications, created by The Time Group, which will be distributed digitally to over 450,000 DFW residents. If you have an episode idea to be featured on Best of Guide TV, contact Tammany Stern at 214-727-6325 or at [email protected] or Margaret McKoin at 817.403.0866 or at [email protected].